As I guide you through my Kingdom…

You will feel intoxicated by a mixture of emotions. Mesmerized by my classic beauty and charm, my hips swaying to the rhythm of your voice, ice blonde hair winding around my neck, sparkling emerald eyes returning your gaze. You will also feel more relaxed than you have in years, as we laugh together (I’ve been told my laugh is intoxicating!), exchange tales and share fantasies. There is nothing more fascinating to me than truly connecting with another person. In meeting me you will not only experience new beauty but gain a true confidante; one who is gentle, kind, and caring. A genuine companion.

I was born and raised in beautiful Poland, to which I owe my sensual side. I completed my studies at one of the top universities in the USA, to which I owe my dedication to success and perfectionism. I speak four languages and am continuously polishing my skills. Learning is a pleasure to me. You’ll find that I’m a quick study. My interest in language sparks a passion for literature and reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Zola, Hemingway and Updike intermingle happily on my bookshelf. I adore live performance; attending a cabaret, stand-up comedy show or jazz concert always makes me happy.

There is something truly special about sharing all that laughter and joy! Life without art is no life at all. I believe that anything done with commitment and passion becomes art; a painting that makes you fall to your knees, a meal that evokes a thousand memories… It is the same with the art of female companionship. In getting to know me you will curate your own unique adventure.

I pride myself in my experience, discretion and true enjoyment of my craft. I chose the lifestyle of an independent luxury companion because it allows me to be my true, wild, untamed self. Years ago, friends nicknamed me “Polish Princess” in a nod to my perfect slavic features and my capricious and playful personality, and they were right on point! I find great pleasure in showing others how to find magic in every moment. With me by your side, you will feel unhurried and liberated. Entranced. And of course, completely and utterly spoiled.

Until we meet,

The Polish Princess

Hair ∼ Platinum blonde
Eyes ∼ Green
Height ∼ 165cm
Cup size ∼ 34C
Dress size ∼ 2
Figure ∼ all natural, slim, hourglass
Age ∼ late twenties
Nationality ∼ Polish
Tattoos and piercings ∼ none
Smoking ∼ No. Don’t mind if you do
Drinking ∼ Occasionally
Education ∼ Ivy League University
Languages ∼ English, Polish, German, French